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User Guide

create an account

Get started with this time-saving product selection organizer with a Free Basic Project when you create an account with hyve 

create account

  sign up  

Begin your first steps to having a streamlined, organized project by joining the hyve app 

hyveapp login
  • Click on Sign up at the top of the page

  • Fill in the form: Full Name | Email | Password | Confirm password | Referral code (not mandatory) 

  • or Click on Facebook to signup

contact hyve
hyveapp account
  • You will receive an email to verify your account

  • Click here to verify account

  • You will see this Congratulations pop up

  • Go back to and log in to create your profile

sign up


Get started by logging in and creating your personal profile

hyveapp social login

Go to

click on log in at the top of the page

  • enter Email | Password | click Login


create profile

Tell your team a little bit about yourself here so your team can get to know your style and needs

hyveapp profile

  • Fill in Required Fields: Full name | Email | Phone number (only your team on hyve has access to your phone number)

  • Add your photo so Team Members will know what you look like for in app discussions and future onsite meetings.

  • Click + on Image icon

  • Click Choose and select image from file 

  • IN APP choose from library or take photo instantly

  • If you choose to select from Library, allow hyve access to your device library so you can select an image from your device photos

  • Select photo; crop photo with cropping tools

  • Click crop

  • IN APP Tap check mark at top of page when done

  • Tap Next at Top Right of page

  • Write a little about yourself or hopes for the project

hyveapp user

hyve App image

finish profile

If you're a Pro...

Add your logo and 5 pics so others on the team can see some of your work

company profile

  • Finish Profile (optional)

  • Add company logo and other Company related photos here. Other Team Members will be able to take a peek at your Company’s information here so sell yourself and add a few pics.

  • Fill in fields: Company Name | your title

  • In APP Tap + on image icon

  • Choose images of your work from your device library or take instant photo

  • Tap Skip at Top Right of page to skip Company Profile

complete company profile

hyve App image

create profile
finish profile

add project to get started

manage project
  • Go to My Project page

  • Tap + in the orange circle to Add your FREE BASIC Project

add project

hyve App image

add project
create project

create new project

This is where you want to name and describe your project, as well as, designate your role in the project 

create hyveapp project
Project detail
Add project

hyve App image

  • At Create New Project, fill in form

  • Project Name: “Dream Home” or Project Street Name…

  • User Role: Homeowner, General Contractor, Designer, Plumber, Stager, Co-ordinator etc.

  • Project Summary:Use this space to tell about the project.Ground up, Remodel, New Kitchen and Bathrooms etc.

  • Project Address:Address of Home/Lot

  • Work Area:Square footage of project

  • Budget: Important to add budget to keep team and self with in budget

  • Images or Plans:Nice to add a Rendering, Floor Plan or Inspirational photo of House here

Project Status will automatically show as Pending. When ready to start on your Project or when the Project is complete. Tap Edit, at top right of page, on Project Overview page, change status to Active or Complete.

add team member

Having all your Team Members, including spouse, project manager, coordinators, design team, subs etc. on the hyve app is key to the success of the project. This allows all involved, the ability to open the Project in hyve and be instantly up-to-date on details, progress, purchases and concerns on the project. 

team collabration

When you first create your account you will be prompted to this Project Team page. This is where you will add and remove members of your project team. You can get to this page by clicking add/remove team member from the Overview page.

  • Add Team Member: Fill in email of person you want to add to your Project on hyve, be sure to send to their email address in which they have their hyve account. 

  • User Role: Here you want to designate the role for the Team Member you are inviting. Designer, Builder, Plumber, Homeowner etc. They will be able to tailor the Title to their liking. 
    Builder may like to be called General Contractor for example.

  • Tap Send Invitation, you will see a success pop-up. 

  • Your Team Members will receive an invitation stating that you want to add them to your Project “Dream Home” on hyve. If they have a hyve account, they can accept invitation from the email and they will be directed to their hyve account where they can confirm that they want to be added to your project. If they do not already have a hyve account, when they accept the invitation from the email, they will be directed to the sign up page in hyve. They will need to sign up and follow the first steps to setting up an account. Then they can go to the notifications tab under their profile picture in the left column and accept your invitation from their notifications. 

  • Add more to your team by repeating this process. Basic projects can add 2 team members other than themselves. 

  • When finished adding Team Members, tap Done at top right of page.

Then, if the invitation recipient doesn't already have the hyve App, they will be prompted to add the hyve App to their Apple device. The SAME email address you invited them to the Project with will be need to be used at sign up in order for them to be connected to your invitation. Once they Create their hyve Account, they will automatically be added as a Team Member on your Project Overview Page for “Dream Home.” They can also check their notifications button to accept the invitation directly from the hyve App or the website, if they are already using hyve

As the Creator of the Project on hyve, you are the only one who can add Team Members. Simply let your Team know to notify you if they need to add members of their team to the Project in hyve.

Basic Project Users are allotted 3 Team Members. Simply upgrade to Premium Package to have unlimited Team Members on your project.

To Remove a Team Member: 

  • Tap the Overview icon in the tab bar at the bottom of the page

  • Scroll up until you see the orange hexagon with Add/Remove Team Members next to it.

  • Tap hexagon 

  • Tap and highlight Remove Team Member at the top right of the page

  • Tap the orange X to the right of the team member you wish to delete. A message box will pop up asking if you are sure you want to remove this member. If you are sure, tap yes

add team member

hyve App image

add team member

project overview

See the details of your project and contact info for all team members here

This page includes; inspirational and project image you added, title of project, summary, address, square feet of project, budget and list of team members. From the overview page in the App, you are able to directly email or call your team members by simply tapping the orange envelope or phone icon from the list.

manage home design

Find the project overview page by clicking on Overview in the menu at the top of the page. or IN APP, by tapping on overview icon at the

bottom right of any page of the project. 


Edit Project Details

  • Tap Overview icon

  • Tap Edit at top right of page

  • Tap Save at top right of page when done making edits

  • Contact individual Team Members directly from this page.

  • Scroll down to the Team Members

  • Find the Team Member you wish to contact

  • Tap on envelope icon next to their name to send an email

  • Tap on phone icon to call directly

project overview

hyve App image

The inspirational images and renderings will be displayed across the top of the page. 4 visible in the web version, click right to see more. 1 visible in the app, swipe right to see more.


Need to chat with the team or post a comment about the job?

This discussion board is a running real time discussion forum.

Users will be able to scroll up and down the discussion to read posts.

  • Tap Discussion Icon at bottom of page second to the left

  • Tap in Write Comment Field at bottom of page: Start typing comment

  • Tap Send when finished with comment to post

Discussion Board available in the app, not web version

project discussion

hyve App image


create rooms

Before the hammer and nails, build your room in hyve.

Include all details like dimensions, style, inspirational images and wish list here.

living room redesign
  • Click on Room Tab at top of page of website

  • IN APP

  • Tap Rooms Icon at bottom right of Project Overview Page

  • Tap + symbol in Orange circle at bottom right of page

  • Tap Room Type:

Rooms are listed in Alphabetical order, scroll down to find Room you would like to add to the Project. You can create a custom room type if you cannot find the room you are looking for. HINT: If you see a room similar to the Room you want to Create as a Custom Room, select that Room and Rename the Room on the Next Page, this method will offer you Categories and Products that might be found in this Room. If you start from scratch, you will have to also create the categories. 

Now start your project management app

renovate room

hyve App image

create rooms

add room details

Add all your room details here 

Room Name:


If you Select Bathroom for instance, you can keep name as BATHROOM or change it to BATHROOM 1 or MASTER BATHROOM etc.

  • Dimension of Room: Add Square Footage 10’ x 4’ Room = 40sf

  • Notes:Add ideas for finishes. Ex. White shaker cabinets with Carrera Marble Counter Top. Polished Chrome Pulls. Wallpaper behind Vanity. Large Rectangle Mirror. Subway tile shower. No tub. Modern toilet. This helps you and your Team Members keep track of your ideas for each space especially if you have multiple rooms in your Project.

  • Add Images:Find Inspirational photos online to depict this room’s future look. Change this Image as you progress through your project. 10 images can be added here, check the image you would like to be displayed on your Hyve Room Page.

  • Tap Add at the Top Right Corner to Add this Room to your Project


Room Status will automatically show as Pending. When ready to start on your Project or when the Project is complete. Select Room then tap Edit, at top right of page, change status to Active or Complete.

Basic Projects get 3 Rooms to organize in hyve App. If you’re doing a larger Project with many rooms, upgrade your Project to the Premium Package and get the most out of your hyve experience with Unlimited Rooms. See the Premium Package Details in Settings in the app -> Or click on Packages in the Menu above for complete Package details.

Room details
master bathroom design
add room details

add products to room

Take the guess work out of what products and materials you need for each of your rooms.

The worker bees at hyve have made lists for you to choose from:

When Starting from “My Projects” page:

  • Select Project you want to work on

  • Tap Rooms icon at Left of the bottom of the page

  • Select the Room you want to add Products to ex. KITCHEN

  • Tap KITCHEN PRODUCTS Button on lower part of page, KITCHEN CATEGORIES page will open. Here you will want to go to each Category and add all Products you will need for the KITCHEN from each Category. Repeat this process for each Room in your project to get the most use out of hyve App.

  • Select a Category ex. APPLIANCES

  • Select + in Orange Circle at bottom right of page

A list of all APPIANCES for the KITCHEN will open in alphabetical order. You can add a Custom Product if you do not find your product listed here.

add product details
Remodel kitchen
Room appliances
kitchen appliances

add product details

We like to go through each category in each room and go down the lists of products and add all the products we think we will need for the job. Just add as many details as you can now, then fill in the rest once the product is purchased. Having most of the products in hyve as place holders helps your team know what is needed and also allows you to create shopping lists in the inventory section.

After Choosing the Category for your Room:

  • Select ex. DISHWASHER: Fill in all the fields you know now. At this time, you may not know what specific DISHWASHER you will purchase but you know that you want one, so add it to the Room’s Product list. It will be included in the Inventory List when you want to see what Products still need to be purchased.

  • Product Name: ex. Dishwasher

  • Quantity: Number of Dishwashers you need to order

  • Manufacturer: Important detail for plumber so they can get specs and know where to set the pipes

  • Model: Important detail for plumber so they can get specs and know where to set the pipes

  • Color: or finish like, stainless or stained walnut panel

  • Size: Important detail for plumber and builder so they can get specs and know where to adjust walls for plumber to set the pipes

  • Product Details: Add description or web address for Product Specs Sheet

  • Retail Price: Price of item

  • Discounted Price: Price purchased with discount

  • Product Allowance: This is the budget you or your contractor set for this particular item. Team will be alerted if price is over allowance so budget can change or new item will have to be selected to keep within budget.

  • Deadline for purchase: This field has notifications, it is helpful so that homeowner knows when they need to have decisions made so contractor, plumber, electrician etc. can have items on hand or at least the specs, if the item is selected, when they are ready for layout or install

  • Purchase Location: Helpful for purchasing, returning or for reference on item

  • Web link to product: This is helpful for swift purchasing online or to get spec sheets

  • Images of Product: Find images online to depict your vision of this Product. Once you purchase the Product add actual Image and pics of Spec Sheets if possible. 10 images can be added here, check the image you would like to be displayed on Product Page as main image

  • Additional Notes: Here you can add specific details on where in the room the product should be placed etc.

Add more Products by selecting the + Add Product button or by going to Edit at the Right on the Top of the page. Keep track of the number of Products you have in each Category on the Category Page. Inventory will also show breakdown of all the Products in each Category and Room

add product detail
Plumbing products
purchase reciept

When using the web platform of hyve you have the ability to upload a PDF. This is great for manufactures specification sheets. 

- click on the Upload bar and choose the PDF you need from a file in your computer. 

 To delete this PDF. 

-go into the product edit page and click on the orange x on the PDF icon

House appliances
bathroom appliances

Because we may use the exact same products in multiple rooms, the Copy Product to other Room button comes in handy. 

- Click on the "Copy Product to other Room" button

window will open up with a list of Rooms in your project to choose from

-tick off each box in front of the room you want to copy this product in. 

-click Copy when finished selecting Rooms


With this Premium Feature, you can see all the products you need to purchase for you project in one place. Customize and share your inventory as a spreadsheet

 Once you have added Products to your Rooms you can pull up an Inventory list of all your Products. This Inventory List can be separated by Rooms and well as Category as well as specific Categories in Specific Rooms. This Inventory List can be shared by email and will be received in a Spreadsheet format. This Great Special Premium feature that can be used for instance, by a Project Managers to send a quick Detailed Product List of the plumbing fixtures separated by Room to the Plumber. The plumber can print and carry this list during install to double check the Products in each Room are correct and check the notes for placement.

  • To check Inventory

  • Tap Inventory icon at the bottom of the page, icon second to left. User can use Filters to determine which Products will be displayed.

  • Tap All Rooms: Select All Rooms or choose from Rooms listed, which currently have Products in them. Tap on Room to select it or tap again on highlighted Room to deselect it.

  • Tap Done at top right when Done selecting Rooms

renovate guest room

select category for inventory list

Customize your list with categories for each room selected

  • Tap All Categories at the top of page

  • Then choose which categories you want on the your customized list

  • Tap on each category individually to select, these categories will be highlighted

  • Tap again on highlighted category to deselect

  • Tap done at the top right of page

  • Tap on send symbol at the top right side of the page with the box with up arrow in it

  • enter To: email address and any comment on next screen

  • tap send (note: a may take a few minutes for recipient to receive email if it is a large file)

Reasons for sending Inventory list:

  1. To be able to see all product on the project in one spreadsheet

  2. To create a list of products with details and notes to send to a subcontractor ex. you can send all plumbing fixtures on the project specifying which room they belong in.

  3. To create a shopping list ex. all lighting for the job or all bathroom lighting

  4. To use as a check sheet that shows which products have been or still need to be purchased

home design inventory
master bathroom design

inspiration board

A special space for your innovative ideas!

The inspiration board is your gallery for storing and documenting styles and looks you like. 

Collect and store images specific to each room in your project.

  • Two types of Inspiration Boards

  • My Inspiration Board

  • Room Inspiration Board

room inspiration
inspiration boards

my inspiration board

Each hyve user has a private inspiration board to store images of ideas for personal reference. 

  • Tap on lined hexagon at the top left of Project List screen

  • Tap on My Inspiration Board at side menu bar

  • Add image by tapping + in orange circle

  • Either choose image from Library or Take Phot

  • Scroll down for detailed instruction

inspiration board

inspiration board

Each Room in the project has its own inspiration board 
Pin images here that convey the
style you would like to see in this room. 
Add actual images of products you desire for that particular room. 

  • From My Projects select a Project

  • Tap Rooms button on bottom left

  • Select the Room in which you want to add an image

  • Tap Room Inspiration Board

  • Add image by tapping + in orange circle

  • Either choose image from Library or Take Photo.

  • Scroll down for detailed instructions

room inspiration board

add images to inspiration board

  • Follow these simple steps to add images to your Inspiration Boards.

  • To choose image from Library:

  • Choose image

  • Crop

  • Tap done at bottom right of the page

  • Write caption/notes for image

  • Tap Add at top right corner when done

  • To Take photo:

  • Tap OK to let hyve access your camera

  • Snap photo

  • Crop

  • Tap done at bottom right of the page

  • Write caption/notes for image

  • Tap Add at top right corner when done

best home design

my inspiration board

Each hyve user has a private inspiration board to store images of ideas for personal reference. 

  • Tap on lined hexagon at the top left of Project List screen

  • Tap on My Inspiration Board at side menu bar

  • Add image by tapping + in orange circle

  • Either choose image from Library or Take Phot

  • Scroll down for detailed instruction

bathtub design

edit or delete from inspiration board

  • Tap on image you wish to edit

  • Tap edit on top left of screen

  • From the Edit Screen you can:

  • Change Image

  • Edit Caption

  • Delete Image

batroom interior


Upgrade to a premium project and store all your project receipts in hyve.  Access receipts on the go

  • Open your Project and Tap on Receipt icon on bottom bar.

  • Add Receipt by tapping + in orange circle on bottom right corner

construction receipt

store your receipts

Store your receipts and list each product on them

  • Name the receipt

  • List items found on receipt in space provided. This will help you remember which room each item belongs in.

  • Brushed Brass Hex – Kitchen uppers

  • Marble white disk knob – master

  • Hex brushed nickel knob – dining hutch

  • Chevron nickel handle – powder room

  • Add image of your receipt by tapping + in orange circle

  • To choose image from Library:

  • Choose image

  • Crop

  • Tap checkmark at top left when done

  • Write caption/notes to image

  • Tap Add at top right corner when done

  • To Take photo:

  • Tap OK to let hyve access your camera

  • Snap photo

  • Follow 2-5 above to Add image

receipt store

view receipts

You have the option to allow all the team members on the project to view your receipts or to keep them private

  • Simply tap the circle next to Viewable to team members

  • An orange circle with a checkmark allows team members to view receipt.

  • An empty circle keeps your receipts private for only you to see.

link receipts

Link each product on the receipt to the room in which it will be placed

  • After storing a receipt and filling in the details, scroll down the list of all products here and link each item from the receipt to it’s corresponding item on the list.

  • Tap on the circle next to the item to link.

  • Tap Save at top right when done

  • If you have not added products to the room yet or want to link later, tap Skip at top right of screen.

  • You can view this Receipt from the Receipt List Screen by tapping Receipts on bottom bar or From the product detail page of the Products you link receipt to.

we prefer to skip this section and link the receipt from the product page....see next section

room interior
link receipts

add product to receipt

Link your products to receipts from the product page

  • Tap Add to Receipt button 

  • Choose from the list of receipts already stored in the project

  • Are you sure you want to add the product to this receipt? 

  • Tap Add or Cancel

pottery bowl

edit or delete receipts

Need to make a change to your receipt or delete?

  • Tap Receipts icon from bottom of Project page

  • Choose receipt to edit

  • Tap edit button at top right of page

  • Here you can change name, edit details, add receipt image, select or deselect view receipt and delete receipt

  • When edits are complete tap Next at top right of page

  • Link any items from list on next page 

  • Tap Save on top right of page when done

receipt management


View Settings from the side menu bar

  • Tap settings to get this screen.

hyveapp guide

change password

Follow these simple steps to change your Password

  • Tap Change Password

  • Fill in old password

  • Fill in new password

  • Confirm new password

  • Tap change password button

change password
change password

get app

Get hyve in the AppStore

  • go to App Store on your iPhone or iPad

  • enter hyve in the search bar, tap search -look for our logo

  • Tap +Get

  • We are listed under, Lifestyle: Renovations and Decorating 

iOs hyveapp
get app

referral code

Invite people using your own Referral Code

so they can get started getting organized with this project management app

Find your unique Referral Code in Settings 

  • Tap on Send Referral Code text

  • Enter valid email id

  • Click Send Code

Users do not have to receive the referral code from you in this manner to use your code. They can just enter your code when signing up for app. 


Referral Codes are used to let us know who is referring users to hyve. We have an incentive program for referrals that end in a purchase of Premium Projects.

The Referral Code is optional.

This step can be skipped

if you do not have one to enter

hyveapp referral code
hyveapp social login
referral code

on-boarding tutorial

Miss something or skip the onboarding tutorial?  View it again

  • Tap on View Onboarding Tutorial

  • Swipe left and right through 5 images with basic blurbs on hyve functions

  • Tap close button to return to Settings

hyveapp tutorial
terms & conditions

terms & conditions

View the terms and conditions of hyve here

  • ​Tap on Terms and Conditions text from menu bar on web or from profile page in app

hyevapp terms
bottom of page