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Choose your Project Type and start saving time with hyve

hyve lets you plan, organize and collaborate on home renovation projects

when you want, where you want, the way you want.

With two levels of project management it’s easy to find the right fit

The mobile app is intuitive and accessible. Keep your project and your team in sync with hyve.

*Upgrade or Purchase Projects on Website and get Instant Discount!

First Basic Project



Get your feet wet!

Additional Basic Project


Let's Do it again! 

Premium Project


Step it up!

First Basic Project

Get your feet wet!

Project Management App

Getting organized is easy with hyve

A basic project in hyve allows you to plan the product inventory needs and wants for  3 Rooms in your home renovation project

Invite 2 other team members to join your project in hyve, be it your spouse, friend, designer or contractor. Your team has access to all the product details, spec sheet PDFs, product images and inspiration boards. 

Instant communication is made easy with real-time chatting on the discussion board

Additional Basic Project

Let's Do it again! 
Managing your home renovation project is a snap with hyve


3 Rooms 3 team members

You and your team can go through all the categories in each room and add all the

products you think you might need or want for your build.

Premium Project

Step it up!

Unlimited Rooms | Unlimited Team Members | Upload Receipts and web-link to products 

Create Inventory Shopping Lists in your Product Management App


Before the hammer and nails, build your entire project in hyve

Add all the rooms in your project, organize each room by listing all the products and materials necessary for your build...and on your wish list

Invite all the people working on your home renovation project to hyve.

Your team has access to product details, images, and specification sheet PDFs.

You can all collaborate by adding images and suggestions to the inspiration boards.

Once it’s time to install the product, the contractor can use the app to be sure they are being installed in the correct location and per the manufacture specifications.