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Stay Organized, Connected & Wellness Minded with your

Home Design and Renovation Projects

Home Renovation Product Organizer

Hundreds of products are needed when renovating or building a new home.


hyve helps you identify all the products needed for your build. It's a tool that guides you through product categories specific to each room in your project.

Relieve stress with the ability for team collaboration on a single, shared platform. In hyve, you can share and store all the details; from design ideas and images, to actual product photos and specification sheets for the materials needed. Stay on top of purchase deadlines and print customized inventory/shopping lists, all from your desk or with your smart phone and tablet. 


No need to lug around big binders, access your project details on-the-go on your phone with hyve.

Hyveapp available on app store

Web version for hyve is Live!

Use hyve on your computer for data entry ease.


New to the web platform:

-Copy a Product to Multiple Rooms

-Export Spreadsheet with all Product Details

-Add PDF to Product Details

Customize hyve

Keep track of the belongings in your home and on your property for insurance purposes!

Include photos and receipts for all your valuables. In the unfortunate event that you have to make a claim, simply e-mail your inventory spreadsheet with all the details directly to your insurance provider.





step by step

procedures on how to use hyve


Wellness Minded Design Ideas

When adding Products to your project in hyve, we provide lists of products where you will find a number of different ideas from commonly used materials to products with wellness in mind.


For instance, families with allergies may want to opt for radiant heating under their flooring instead forced air. They may chose flooring with hard surfaces which are easily cleaned instead of materials which could hold allergens and may contain harmful chemicals.

"We tried hyve for the organization, but really loved the inspiration board and product lists, which ended up inspiring us to use products we didn’t even think about …hello, built in coffee maker! Thanks for the ideas, our kitchen re-do looks amazing"!

-Christine, California


Thanks, hyve! I was a little intimidated about managing our kitchen remodel - between choosing materials and finishes, to coordinating the designer and contractor - hyve was a super helpful tool. We used it for communication and organization, and I think it helped save quite a few steps along the way. Being able to look at details while I was in plumbing stores (what’s a rough-in?) or searching through the Heath outlet (figuring out the square footage!) made decision making much easier.

—  Tamara, Oakland


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