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Personalize your Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

You’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen. Yahoo!

Now get ready to make your product selections. With all the exciting options from beautiful backsplash tiles, cabinetry, chef- style ranges, high-tech refrigerators, cool flooring...and let’s not forget about all the pretty... like drawer/cabinet pulls and knobs, faucets, pendant lighting, counter tops! —all of these enhance the beauty of the final design and this is where you can put your mark. The options are many, and managing it is often the biggest challenge for homeowners, designers and builders. This is where hyve will be the best decision you’ve made to manage it all.

Check out this stunning, bright and fresh new kitchen to excite your imagination. One of the first things as designers and builders that we ask of our clients, is to share their vision and their need for their kitchen space. This is how we can help them personalize their space. What do they imagine their kitchen looking like? First, the practicality of the room---will you cook often--daily? weekly?--Will you share the experience with others or is your desire to keep people out of the kitchen while you prepare the meal? Do you need plenty of storage to hold your dishes, utensils, flatware? Are you entertainers who need lots of storage for platters and serving dishes? Are you amateur or professional chefs who need lots of space for oils and spices? I'm sure you understand the myriad of choices we have when designing a kitchen so it's very important to make sure that you list everything and don't leave anything out, it will be easy to remove things later. It's important to create a list of products in every category from appliances to lighting. The beauty of hyve is that it's a product selection organizer. You can create these list for every room and store images of favorite products with links to those items you would like to consider as you begin your kitchen remodel.

Below are 6 questions to ask yourself before you start designing a kitchen:

1. How do you use your kitchen? Cook a spot? 2. How many people are working in the kitchen at one time? 3. How much storage do you need?

4. What appliances are must haves? 5. What’s your style? 6. How do you know what products and materials you need to select and how will you keep track of it all? go to hyve

This is your Kitchen "Cell" in hyve... add notes about your ideas here and add inspiration photos of different elements you want for you kitchen like cabinets, lighting, faucets...

Go into every Category and select all the products you think you might need ...or want :)

We help you figure out what products you need for each category with a list of suggestions. If you don't see a product you need, just create a custom product and add it to your list.

This image is a list of Kitchen products we need. Once you decide on a specific product, go back and fill in the details, including color, style number, price, image and most useful to your contractor, a pdf of the manufacturers specification sheet for the product. Also include web link, specific notes and location in room.

Once you order or purchase the product, check off the purchased circle, then when you receive it in good condition, check off the received circle. check and check

This image is an example of a product page where the details have been filled in. You can even include an allowance for each product and set a date for the purchase deadline. The purchase deadline feature is helpful for contractors as they can set deadlines with a reminder for product selections; a helpful way to stay on schedule. An example for the use of purchase deadlines would be with plumbing. Most plumbing needs to be purchased, or at least chosen, long before it gets installed because the plumber will install the rough-ins while the walls are open. They will need the product specs to know brand of rough-in and the measurements for installation placement.

Have fun making your selections and don't forget to sign up for your free basic project to start getting organized with hyve ...and don’t be shy in sharing your projects! Check us out on instagram: @hyveapp

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