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hyve: Home Renovation Product Management Tool -Works Easily as a Home Inventory Organizer

During this time of “shelter in place” why not take the time to create an inventory of all the things in your home that would be worth replacing if ever lost?

Events, out of our control, can find their way to our doorstep at any time without any warning. Homeowners may be subject to tornadoes, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes leaving devastating results.

Although we can prepare by having a plan in place with emergency contact numbers, meeting points for family, and survival kits, it’s common not to realize until after the fact, that we have no inventory of our belongings to file an insurance claim.

It can be rather chaotic and a bit insulting when the insurance adjuster asks for proof of your belonging that were lost. It’s important to have an inventory list, approximate value, and photographs so that your claim has validation. Unfortunately, memory is rarely a reliable source for the insurance company.

As the founder and creator of the hyve App, I would like to extend one complementary Premium Project in hyve to every household so that you can record your belongings and valuables. We all work hard for what we have, so please take this rare opportunity of free time to take an Inventory of all the things that you own.

Have fun with this and get the whole family involved!

Warm regards,

Francein Hansen


Follow the steps below to register for your complimentary Premium Project in hyve.

Go to: scroll down to the bottom of the home page and fill in the Registration Form. This will trigger an email that has the next steps for you to take.

Next Step (from triggered email): Go to the top of the page and click on Sign-up in the menu bar. Sign up, verify email, and create a Profile in hyve. Then stop and wait to receive the next e-mail letting you know that the Premium Project has been added to your Profile. This could take up to 24 hours as it will be done manually.

Once you receive the email that your Premium Project has been added to your profile, you can create a Project in hyve to start keeping record of your home Inventory.

For hyve User Guide go to:

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