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Store all the Product Details for your Home Renovation in one easy App

Depending on how big your home renovation project is, there can be hundreds of products that you will you need; have to choose, keep track of, and install properly. Not to mention, the details of these products and how to share them with your team.

hyve is an App where you and your team can store and share the details of all the products in your project. hyve will guide you through each Category within each Room to help you choose which products and materials will be needed. Once the Rooms of your Renovation Project are added into hyve, simply scroll through the drop down menus to see the possibilities. This process allows you and your team the ability to create custom shopping lists which are helpful for team collaboration on product selections and to know which product have been or still need to be purchased.

hyve makes it easy to know what products are needed with a drop down menu displaying a list of products that would normally be in that category. For instance, say the rooms in a project consist of a; Kitchen, Bathroom, Powder Room, Den and Landscape, when "Kitchen" is selected, then several Categories of products found in a Kitchen will be displayed. Categories such as Appliances, Lighting/Electrical, Flooring and so on. Under Appliances, products such as Refrigerator, Cook top, Oven, Wine Refrigerator and so on will be listed. If there is an appliance that does not appear on the list, the user can simply select Custom Product and add the name of their product to the room. hyve lets you customize and tweak each project to suit the user.

Adding your products into hyve before the actual selections are made allows your team to create shopping lists which is the best way to know what exactly needs to be purchased. When products are added to a room in hyve, the ability to fill in all the details about the product from Image, Name, Color, Purchase Place, PDF of Specification Sheet, to detailed notes on where product should be placed in room, can be entered. However, this step can also be skipped until the selections are made and purchased. Simply add the product to the room as a placeholder which will be a reminder to purchase the item and allows you to make these custom shopping lists.

hyve also has the option to add a deadline to purchase items. This feature is key when products like lighting need to be chosen. If you are working on a ground up project, the electrical all gets installed while the walls are open (ideally). Deadlines can be set to have all lighting or at least the type of lighting ordered or filled-in on the app before the electrician arrives for smooth installation later.

Include your electrician as a team member to hyve. This way the electrician can access the job and will know where and what type of electrical boxes to install. When the lighting has been purchased, add the manufactures spec sheet PDF to the app including detailed notes on placement. The electrician can refer to the notes and the spec sheet and will know the exact spot to place the box without you having to supervise.

Sorting and keeping track of the hundreds of products in a home renovation project has been a daunting task in the past. In the present, technology blesses us with intuitive tools to help make our lives easier and our jobs run smoother. hyve is one of those blessings. Use hyve to help you and your team stay organized with all your product needs, inspirational ideas, selections, purchases and proper installation.

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