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Easy way to keep a record of all your belongings

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Record your belongings in hyve

hyve isn’t just to keep track of all the products needed when designing and building your home. Use hyve to record of all your belongings. Customize the hyve app to keep track of all the things in your home and on your property.

We may not be able to prevent theft or natural disasters from taking/destroying our property, but we can be prepared when making a claim with our insurance provider to regain some of our loss.

With hyve you can go room by room and add each piece of your property to include: photos, receipts, price, manufacture, model no., color, size, location in room, purchase location and special notes. You can record everything from your couch to your earrings with in every room in your house. Get your kids on board, add them to your home project and let them add images and descriptions of all their things.

It’s devastating enough to experience the loss of our property, help make it easier to recoup some of it by getting ahead, and keeping a record on hyve which can be accessed anywhere at anytime with your phone.

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