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Stay on Budget by setting Allowances

Building and renovating homes cost a pretty penny. There are many products that need to be purchased, so setting allowances to stay on budget is key.

Contractors and homeowners can work together on dividing the overall budget into categories and then into allowances for individual items.

Say you have 4 bathrooms in your project that all require new tile, go through each bathroom and call out each area that needs tile. Divide your tile budget to allow monies for tile flooring, backsplash, trim, niche, bench etc. Be sure to account for all the tile types so your allowances are accurate.

To keep track of your allowances for all the materials and the many products you will need for your project, download the Hyve app. You can create your entire project on Hyve to include every Room inside and outside of the house and every detail of the Products you will need.

Add allowances for each product in Hyve. Going back to the bathroom example, create your room in the Hyve app, select the Tile category and add a product for each type of tile you will need in that bathroom. Hyve will give you a list of tile types to choose from, create a custom type if you don't see yours listed.

Once you have the tile type selected, you can fill in as many details as you have for the tile. For instance; Allowance, Quantity, Location in the Room, Color, and even set a Purchase Deadline.

When you are ready to shop for tile, simply go to the Inventory button on the Hyve app and create a custom inventory spread sheet PDF to use as a shopping list. You can customize this list by choosing what Rooms you need to shop for, then select Tile from the category list.

Once you customize the inventory sheet, email it to yourself and/or your project team members. The PDF you receive will show: Product (type), Manufacture, Model, Finish/Color, Size, Quant(ity), Allowance, and Notes you make. Print this list and shop on-line or in a tile store. Having this shopping list from your project on Hyve showing the tile products needed and allowances stated will help you stay organized and on budget while shopping!

Check out other ways to stay organized with Hyve at our informational website at or subscribe to our blog below.

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