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Easy Way to Remind your Client of Selection or Purchase Deadlines

As Builders we know that certain tasks need to be completed before the next task can begin. Not all clients understand that you can not put up sheetrock until the plumbing valves and pipes are in. You can not complete the plumbing until the trim has been chosen. It is not known by all that there are specific valves that are required to go behind the wall that have to be compatible with the finished trim they select. The wall mounted faucet trim shown in this bathroom for instance needs a special valve.

To keep the job on schedule, help yourself and your clients stay on track with what materials and products need to be chosen for the project. When using the Hyve app, you can input all the materials you will need for the entire job room by room. For each product, set a deadline which will trigger the Hyve app to send you and your client notifications that their choices/purchases need to be made soon.

This is a great tool to remind ourselves and our team of deadlines. We all have so much on our plates, it's nice to get reminders.

Add Product to a room. Even if you have no clue as to which faucet will be installed, you know one will, so add it in the room and set a deadline for purchase
Scroll down the detail fields until you get to "Deadline for purchase," then tap on it and add the date
tap Add at the top right hand corner when you have chosen the date and the date will show up in the details and weeks before, you will begin to get notified by Hyve to purchase or select this item.

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