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About us

What’s the buzz: the abbreviated WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY & HOW of hyve.

WHO: A wide range of users, from a DIY homeowner to building professionals — with the opportunity to use for event planning, home inventory, and more.


I was a little intimidated about managing our kitchen remodel - between choosing materials and finishes, to coordinating the designer and contractor - hyve was a super helpful tool. We used it for communication and organization …”


WHAT: An easy, intuitive and unique organizational mobile app to plan and manage the products in home renovation & building projects.


“You made it so simple!”


WHERE: Whether planning a single room remodel or complete home renovation, adding a room or building a new house, the hyve app mobility enhances productivity with immediate access to information on-the-go.


“The best part was staying in touch with clients through the app, from wherever and whenever. Didn’t worry about missing a call or text, it was all right there …”


WHY: Hyve is the only app to merge team collaboration (organization and communication) with design details (inspiration and product lists) in streamlined and convenient user experience.


“We tried hyve for the organization, but really loved the inspiration board and the product category lists, which ended up inspiring us to use products we didn’t even think about (hello, built-in the coffee maker!).


HOW: It’s as easy as 1-2-3! One: Add the room(s) in your project. Two: Choose from a list of product categories (paint, plumbing, lighting, furniture, etc). Three: The app comes alive with multiple possible uses (shopping list, order & delivery tracking, install specs, image uploads) to share between homeowner/designer/contractor — and ensure timely, accurate communication (for timely, accurate project completion!). 


“Anyone who has tackled a home renovation project knows the importance of organization and quick communication. In the past, keeping your team up to date on timelines, budgets and designs could be just as (or more) painstaking than hands-on demolition and construction.”

The thoughts behind hyve
Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 1.58.01 PM.png

As a residential developer with a custom home builder for a partner,

I have plenty of experience working closely with designers and builders to create high-end homes. However, I found that there was no simple way of streamlining communication between team members, and organizing all the products and materials used in a project.

Anyone who works in this area will know what a struggle it can be to ensure that everyone is on the same page with a build. As a developer, I was used to carrying around a huge binder to job sites, and using several different methods of communication- not an ideal way of doing things. Having to trawl through my emails to find a spec sheet, or search my phone for a reference picture saved weeks ago, was more hassle than it was worth.

I started looking for software or an app that could help organize all the steps in the design-build process- a tool where I could not only communicate with my team, but also store ideas and images, see costs, and keep me on top of deadlines for making purchases. To my surprise, no such tool existed. So I started the process of creating something myself- hence the birth of the hyve app. 

As I started writing down my needs and wants for this organizational tool, I quickly realized just how many people could make use of it. Not only, can designers and builders use hyve to stay up-to-date with the details and progress of their projects, but Homeowners who want to collect inspirational photos and start the planning process of their renovation or new home build can use hyve. People who want to organize and keep track of all the items in their home for insurance purposes with pictures and receipts can use hyve. Party planners can customize hyve to reflect their decoration, supply quantity, and cost needs as well as snapshots of theme ideas ... The possibilities for the uses of hyve are extensive and not limited to use by home builders alone. 

I hope you check it out and love it as much as we do!


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